Welcome to my portfolio

Hello and welcome to my design/portfolio blog. I am still in the process of getting more of my work uploaded, but I hope to have the whole thing completely populated very soon. As you will see, my work over the years includes copyediting, design, photo editing, web design, multimedia, coding, development, UX and even app design.

Adjunct Professor @ OU

I Taught a WordPress class Spring Semester 2017 for the School of Visual Communication at Ohio University in Athens, OH. The class basically took all the skills they had learned previously and merged them into a class using WordPress. Most had never used WordPress or Hosting Accounts and domains before, so it was a little bit of everything.

Alliance Data Systems

Manage and coordinate the design, editing and execution of automated email messages for brand partners' cardmembers, adhering to CAN-SPAM requirements and email best practices.

WordCamp Cincinnati Speaker

I did this '10 WordPress Design Hacks for Graphic Designers' presentation for WordCamp Cincinnati 2016. I always try to do something less techie and more design related at these sessions because most of the other sessions are so technical.

WordCamp Columbus Speaker

I did a presentation on Widgets for WordCamp Columbus 2016. What is a Widget, how do they work, how to use them and then I offered some good examples of widgets.

Reckless Tarragon

I designed this food blog site for a friend of mine who wanted to switch her blog from a Blogger site to WordPress. She wanted to have a site that was more professional and had more social media and sharing features built in. I designed her logo, bought her domain and set up her hosting account.

The Wasserstrom Company

I designed, set up and managed the company's bi-weekly HTML email marketing campaign (sometimes more than bi-weekly). I designed e-mails in PhotoShop and after final approval, I sliced them up to transfer and code for ExactTarget Email Marketing tool for scheduling and management.


A friend of mine was doing an internship at msnbc.com and she recommended me when they needed a good photo editor to come and help them out during the Beijing Olympics. I had just finished the coursework for my Master's Degree at Ohio University and was at a point where I was starting to look for a job and it seemed like a good opportunity. So I drove out to Seattle to do the job for five weeks. I worked for the Media Team as a Multimedia Producer.

Ohio Wesleyan University

I worked at OWU for three months as they geared up for their redesign. We worked with FastSpot and their content management system was called BigTree. I helped organize the new site and their content as we transferred as much content from the old site over to the new site.

WordCamp Columbus Volunteer

This is the second time I have been a volunteer for the local WordCamp. I was also a speaker for the second time.

WordCamp Columbus Speaker

I did a presentation on how to edit photos for WordPress at the 2015 WordCamp Columbus session. I always try to do something less techie and more design related at these sessions because most of the other sessions are so technical.

Molly Lowe

I designed this site in WordPress for a client. She designed everything herself, but I had to code it up and set up the domain and hosting account. She has since let it lapse and it is not live anymore. But we are now working to bring it back,