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Before & After Gallery

This is a series of Before and After pics from Image Restoration work that I have done over the years. When an image becomes a sepia color, it means it has aged, so when restoring images, I switch it back to the original B&W, unless the client desires the image to be Sepia toned. The Interface is a manual slider, so you can see and compare the before-and-after images.

Kreber Graphics

I’m doing contract work for this Hilliard, OH company coding up emails for Bed Bath & Beyond and proof reading materials for Scottslawn and Roses. This was a 2-month contract that has been extended twice and is still ongoing.

Adjunct Professor @ OU

I taught this design class Fall Semester 2017 for the School of Visual Communication at Ohio University in Athens, OH. I had 11 undergraduates (mostly Freshman & Sophomores) in my class, who had never had a design class before, so their experience varied. I guided them through basic principles of design and gave them their first introduction to InDesign. Their projects included designing a tools guide for InDesign, 2 posters, a resume and a magazine cover and inside layout.

Biggs Estates

This site is for a small rental company in Lancaster, OH. I had to code conditional forms and add a payment feature, as well as organize their info and sliders (galleries).

Carlton National

This site is a contracting company specializing in placing people for Medical Device and Software and Hardware Engineering positions. They are based in Boston.


This is a site for an educational Urban Farm in Columbus, Ohio. We are still adding donation features as well as galleries and some more content.

Adjunct Professor @ OU

I Taught a WordPress class Spring Semester 2017 for the School of Visual Communication at Ohio University in Athens, OH. The class basically took all the skills they had learned previously and merged them into a class using WordPress. Most had never used WordPress or Hosting Accounts and domains before, so it was a little bit of everything.

Alliance Data Systems

I managed and coordinated the design, editing, coding and execution of automated email messages for brand partners’ cardmembers, adhering to CAN-SPAM requirements and email best practices.

WordCamp Cincinnati Speaker

I did this ’10 WordPress Design Hacks for Graphic Designers’ presentation for WordCamp Cincinnati 2016. I always try to do something less techie and more design related at these sessions because most of the other sessions are so technical.

WordCamp Columbus Speaker

I did a presentation on Widgets for WordCamp Columbus 2016. What is a Widget, how do they work, how to use them and then I offered some good examples of widgets.


I won a bid to build a website for the University of Maryland School of Social Work. I helped organize the stories and reporters hired to do stories on Social Work for the site. The project was part of a special grant. I used JavaScript and PHP to setup the interactivity. As with most of my sites, I design it and set it up and then I release it to the client and no longer have anything to do with the site. I did purchase the domains for them and set up their hosting account. I organized the content with the help of the client.

WordCamp Columbus Speaker

So what is WordCamp? WordCamp is kind of like a local mini convention. But it’s put on by local WordPress users to help other users. Since I have come so far in one year with WordPress, I decided to volunteer to present. I have been a newspaper designer for more than 16 years, so I thought I would take a designer topic and discuss that. So my session is about fonts.