Category: Marketing & Branding

Kreber Graphics

I’m doing contract work for this Hilliard, OH company coding up emails for Bed Bath & Beyond and proof reading materials for Scottslawn and Roses. This was a 2-month contract that has been extended twice and is still ongoing.

Alliance Data Systems

I managed and coordinated the design, editing, coding and execution of automated email messages for brand partners’ cardmembers, adhering to CAN-SPAM requirements and email best practices.

The Wasserstrom Company

I designed, set up and managed the company’s bi-weekly HTML email marketing campaign (sometimes more than bi-weekly). I designed e-mails in PhotoShop and after final approval, I sliced them up to transfer and code for ExactTarget Email Marketing tool for scheduling and management.

Restaurant Equippers

I was hired to come in and take over the E-Mail production duties while someone went on maternity leave. I didn’t have to design the E-mail, but I occasionally did have to make corrections in the original InDesign document. I usually received the creative in psd and then sliced it up and coded it for the online part. We used the email client. So I transferred the code over and scheduled the emails in their system. I also created and edited the various banners that ran on the site.

Lucky Brand Jeans

Design, set up and manage weekly Lucky Brand Jeans HTML-email marketing campaign. Take client-provided PSDs and slice them up to transfer and code for Exact Target Email Marketing tool for scheduling and management. Also manage a variety of other misc. digital projects for company, as well as design and prepare graphics and 2 web sites for their iPhone/Android App the company was test marketing, called

Smart Ping

While I worked for Baesman Marketing on a contract in 2011, the company was developing an App called Smart Ping. They contracted with another company to design their website and design the App, but as they got closer to launching the App, they asked me to go into the code for the websites and update them. I was able to update the information, but it turned out some of the code needed to be updated as well. So I had to fix a sprite, as well as some of the font displays. After I did that successfully, they realized they needed to deliver graphics to the contracting company for the app itself. So, I had to work with the contracting company to prepare and zip up the graphics for the App, at Android, iPhone 3 and iPhone 4 sizes.

Thirty-One Gifts Emails

I designed these HTML Email/Newsletters in 2011 when I briefly sold Thirty-One Gift products as a consultant. Part of the reason why I became a consultant was to make money, but I also wanted to teach myself some of the marketing and branding technology and it was an opportunity to use those skills. I was a consultant for about 8 months until I got a full-time contract and just didn’t have time anymore. But it was a good use of my skills. I looked up how to design Web HTML E-Mails online and just did them without the use of an E-Mail client, but later, I started a Mail Chimp Account. I sent these E-Mails out to my regular customers.