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The Wasserstrom Company

I designed, set up and managed the company’s bi-weekly HTML email marketing campaign (sometimes more than bi-weekly). I designed e-mails in PhotoShop and after final approval, I sliced them up to transfer and code for ExactTarget Email Marketing tool for scheduling and management.

Multimedia Producer at 2008

A friend of mine was doing an internship at and she recommended me when they needed a good photo editor to come and help them out during the Beijing Olympics. I had just finished the coursework for my Master’s Degree at Ohio University and was at a point where I was starting to look for a job and it seemed like a good opportunity. So I drove out to Seattle to do the job for five weeks. I worked for the Media Team as a Multimedia Producer.

Ohio Wesleyan University

I worked at OWU for three months as they geared up for their redesign. We worked with FastSpot and their content management system was called BigTree. I helped organize the new site and their content as we transferred as much content from the old site over to the new site.

WordCamp Columbus Volunteer

This is the second time I have been a volunteer for the local WordCamp. I was also a speaker for the second time.

WordCamp Columbus Speaker

I did a presentation on how to edit photos for WordPress at the 2015 WordCamp Columbus session. I always try to do something less techie and more design related at these sessions because most of the other sessions are so technical.

Molly Lowe

I designed this site in WordPress for a client. She designed everything herself, but I had to code it up and set up the domain and hosting account. She has since let it lapse and it is not live anymore. But we are now working to bring it back,

Madison County Fair

I redesigned this site for the Madison County Fair Board in Madison County, Ohio. We switched from an old hand-coded site to WordPress. I transferred all the content by copying and pasting it into the new Content Management System and then reformatting everything.

Hudson’s Edge

This site was built for a new catering business. I used WordPress to build and set up the site. The site features a one-page, parallax design with a full-width, interactive slider.

Wireless Microphones

This is a website for a wireless microphone rental business. My client wanted a basic site where he can eventually post all the rental packages he offers. But to start, he just wanted a presence on the web with contact forms. He already had a site, a theme and a logo. I customized the WordPress theme to make it work and look like he wanted it. I used JavaScript and PHP to setup the interactivity and the forms.


I won a bid to build a website for the University of Maryland School of Social Work. I helped organize the stories and reporters hired to do stories on Social Work for the site. The project was part of a special grant. I used JavaScript and PHP to setup the interactivity. As with most of my sites, I design it and set it up and then I release it to the client and no longer have anything to do with the site. I did purchase the domains for them and set up their hosting account. I organized the content with the help of the client.

Microsoft Trends Bar Photo Editor for

One-year Contract via Aquent. A friend from when I worked at Microsoft previously reached out to me for a position as a remote editor for the Microsoft Trends Shift. The job is one of the photo editors who selects the images that run across the bottom of the home page for I worked regular shifts which included logging in remotely to the Microsoft network and I would get photo requests from the Trends Editor. I would go through our resources to find photos that fulfilled the requests, occasionally having to get creative. I would work with the editor to get the right look and feel for the images, generate the captions and headlines and credits.

WordCamp Columbus Speaker

So what is WordCamp? WordCamp is kind of like a local mini convention. But it’s put on by local WordPress users to help other users. Since I have come so far in one year with WordPress, I decided to volunteer to present. I have been a newspaper designer for more than 16 years, so I thought I would take a designer topic and discuss that. So my session is about fonts.